Application & Benefits

Magnetic Separator FINE MAG Series

Reduce the OIL LOSS with High Squeezing Performance
Reliable stable performance for long term.

We will meet the customer’s requirements with a wide variety of product lineup for diverse processes and materials.

  • Stable performance for a long term.
  • High filtration performance.
  • Extend the coolant life.
  • Reduce the tank cleaning frequency.
  • Prevent the breakdown of machine tool.
  • Reduce the running cost of the secondary filtration device.
  • Sufficient line up to manage variety of process and materials.
  • Meets CE, UL and CCC standards.
Recommended Industry and Workpiece

Coolant processing equipment > Linear motion devices > Linear systems/Linear guides/Ball screws
Coolant processing equipment > Bearing parts > Robots/Automotives/Construction machines
Coolant processing equipment > Iron manufacture > Crank shafts/Rolls for iron manufacture/Oxide scale
Coolant processing equipment > Construction machines and construction machine parts > Engine/Transmission/Hydraulic parts
Coolant processing equipment > Automotives/Automotive parts/Motorcycle parts > Engine/Transmission/Fuel injection systems

Product Characteristics
Outstanding durability for the Drive System! (PAT.)
Surface of the Magnetic Drum is especially hardened! (PAT.)
Forced drive mechanism for the Squeeze Roller!
Precise Magnet Arrangement based on magnetic field analysis!