“We believes that its business purpose is to increase customer value in the Manufacturing Environmental Purification(Coolant Systems) fields. Emphasizing reliability and trust in our relationship with customers, and based on the spirit of Sumitomo, and the management philosophy of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, for more than a half century, our company has been accumulating technology that is uniquely ours.

Through our tireless and continual technological development and production innovation, and by utilizing the value chain we have with Sumitomo Heavy Industries, we make available to our customers the finest products possible.”

Coolant Systems (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.)

Coolant systems are inported from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. from Japan. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. is one of the greatest coolant systems manufacuture in Japan.

Application & Benefits

Magnetic Separator FINE MAG Series


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Case Study (Customer Voice)

The machine demonstrated benefits that exceeded our expectations. We are considering installing the machine in all factories.

We are satisfied with the high squeezing performance of FINE MAG - a machine that you want to recommend to everyone.

High efficiency to meet the demand of production sites could cut the cleaning cost by half.

Upon installing the FINE MAG, our deoiling work is zero ! Productivity has been improved! Because of the P-Roller, our production facility has dramatically changed

Product Solutions

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