For Grinding Process (Fine Chip)

For Grinding Process (Fine chips)

Standard Type
  • Model F
  • Model K

Magnetic drum diameter:
φ140mm for models 4 to 18
φ216mm for models 24 to 36

Model K : Rare Earth Magnet Type
10 Times Powerful Magnet

Rare earth magnet has ten times more magnetic power of ferrite magnet. Which enables to collect difficult magnnetized sludge even with high viscosity coolant.

Sludge example of Model K-36
  • Secondary filter becomes unnecessary.
  • Tank Cleaning frequency reduced to harf.
  • Coolant life has doubled. · Work: Drive Shaft (SCr420) · Coolant: Oil based · Machine: Gear Grinder
Model F : Ferrite Magnet

Economical type for general process and materials. Attracting power of the magnet has improved by special magnet arrangement. For sludge that will attract to magnets very well.

Sludge example of Model F-4
  • Abrasive wheel life has doubled.
  • Filter change frequency of secondary filter reduced to half.
  • Scratch on the product reduced.
    · Work: Machine Parts (S65C)
    · Coolant: Water soluble
    · Machine: Cylindrical grinder
High Filtation Efficiency Type
Model KD/FD (magnetic drum diameter: φ216mm)
  • Filtering performance has improved by making the magnetic drum larger.
  • Best model for the fine chip sludge from lapping and honing. Also, for the sludge from the induction hardening that does not attract very well to the magnets.
Large Capacity Type
Model K/F (magnetic drum outer diameter : φ319mm)
  • 500 L/min to 1,000 L/min available.
  • Model K is rare earth magnet type which has ten times more magnetic power of ferrite magnet.
  • Model F is ferrite magnet type.
  • Model KS/FS are also available.