Secondary Filtration Models

Benefits of installing the KS and KSD models

Large amount of muddy sludge will remain when cutting cast iron FINE MAG can separate almost 90% of the muddy sludge. (“Muddy sludge which is under 100u and 90% at weight ratio)

Large amount of very fine muddy sludge will be generated when cutting cast iron which is the same as grinding these fine muddy sludge will damage the machine tools, pump, blades, etc, if it is not removed
Muddy sluge could not been separated by the drum filter of the chip conveyors because it is very fine.
Benefits of installing the KS and KSD models
Benefits 1
  • Breakdown of the machine is prevented.
  • Tertiary filter life will extend.
  • Product defect ratio will decrease.
  • Blade life will extend.
  • Almost no need of maintenance.
Benefits 2
  • More than 90% of sludge is separated. (Weight ratio)
  • No extra cost for consumables.
  • Sludge condition is dry.
  • No need of high pressure cyclone pump and will reduce CO2 emission.