“Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment or SHIPE. Over 30 years experience in mixing, made up our state of the art technology globally. SHIPE has been providing mixing technology through our design and precise fabrication to meet the critical mixing purpose.

We encourage our customers to create new product, leverage their existing production toward driving them to meet the mixing ideal.”

Application & Benefits

Each mixing application needs a certain function based on material property and mixing characteristic. SHIPE realizes that the mixing machine plays a vital role to achieve this purpose. Let’s explore, how our technology in mixing is your solution.

Solid-Liquid Mixing

Controlling Crystal Diameter in Cooling Crystallization

Discharging Slurry

Homogenization of Discharging Slurry in CMC Washing Tank

Acid Coagulation

Reduction of Generation of Fine Powder in ABS Coagulation Tank

Suspens Polymerization

Improvements of Heat Transfer Performance on PS Suspension Polymerization

Liquid-Liquid Mixing
Solution Polymerization

Reduction of Fouling in Mixing Vessel in BR Solution Polymerization

Emulsion Polymerization

Reduction of Aggregate in ABS Emulsion Polymerization

Different Viscosity Case 1

Acceleration of Mixing of Different Viscosities in Emulsion Polymerization

Different Viscosity Case 2

Mixing of Low Viscosity Liquid of 1 mPa・s into High Viscosity Liquid of 500,000 mPa・s

Gas-Liquid Mixing
Addition Reaction Case 1

Improving Reaction Rate in PO Addition Reaction

Addition Reaction Case 2

Stabilization of Gas Absorption Performance when Liquid Depth Changes

Addition Reaction Case 3

Reduction of Operation Time in Surfactant Manufacturing Process


Decreasing of Reaction Time by Promoted Gas Absorption from the Free Surface

Product Solutions

We provide engineering design and fabrication service of reactor and compatible agitator to maximize your mixing capability.
For custom design fabrication

Service Support

We respond the customer’s diverse demands in all production scales and encourage customers among the scale-up/down transit.

To ensure our design thrive your mixing process, we use a simulation software to analyze the fluid dynamics and intelligently predict how the certain materials perform mixing.

Rental Service

Remove your trouble in production scale transit without any concern such as huge investment, space, utility and facility, long-term assess, safety and so on.
We provide a pilot machine to execute your pilot test and ensure your condition before going up to the next level.

Test Impeller

We realize all production come borned in the laboratory.
Sumitomo then provide a test impeller, tailor-made suited for a certain mixing requirement.

Visiting Test

We allow our customers conduct their own test from laboratory to commercial scales in our facility with intimately encouragement.


Biotech industry

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